Feature: Iraqi Footballers Soon To Flood Europe?

Over the past week, a plethora of young Iraqi talent have signed up with Persian Stars Ltd, a football agency run by none other than Behrooz Dezhbod. We had the pleasure of meeting Behrooz a few months ago, where he discussed his interest in working with Iraqi footballers.

Behrooz Dezhbod In Brazil

The football agent was the former representative of Iraqi superstar Nashat Akram as well as current international Salam Shakir. Behrooz, a former footballer and native Iranian, has also represented numerous other players from across the Middle East.

Nashat And Behrooz Remain Close Friends


The following Iraqi internationals have all signed contracts with Persian Stars Ltd:

  • Amjad Kalaf (24 years old)
  • Hamza Adnan (20 years old)
  • Alaa Abbas (19 years old)
  • Ali Yousef (20 years old)
  • Fahad Talib (21 years old)
  • Aymen Hussain (19 years old)
  • Bashar Resan (19 years old)



Behrooz’s focus appears to be on notable young footballers. Most of the players signed with Persian Stars Ltd have recently participated in the Iraq U23 side that qualified for Rio 2016. It is hoped that this signals the start of a transition of Iraqi players to leagues abroad, which is much needed in order to boost the reputation and quality of Iraqi footballers. This season has seen Sherko Kareem, Ali Adnan and Dhurgham Ismail playing in Europe alongside many expat Iraqi internationals such as Osama Rashid and Yaser Kasim.

Ali Hosni, another notable player who has been speculated to move abroad, may soon follow the footsteps of his colleagues and sign with an international football agent.

We wish Behrooz’s players the best of luck and hope to see them taking on Europe’s elite in the near future.


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