Iraq World Cup Qualfiers Fixture List

Iraq have been plotted in the ‘group of death’, with them facing the likes of U.A.E, Australia and Japan.

The fixtures for the group will commence in September 2016 and conclude the following September. This gives the Iraq FA only six months to organise its national team in order to mount a proper challenge for qualification, something the current side has no hope of doing given the way things stand.

  • Australia vs. Iraq ( 01/09/2016)
  • Iraq vs. Saudi Arabia (06/09/2016)
  • Japan vs. Iraq (06/10/2016)
  • Iraq vs. Thailand (11/10/2016)
  • UAE vs. Iraq (15/11/2016)
  • Iraq vs. Australia (23/03/2017)
  • Saudi Arabia vs. Iraq (28/03/2017)
  • Iraq vs. Japan (31/08/2017)
  • Thailand vs. Iraq (31/08/2017)
  • Iraq vs. UAE (05/09/2017)

A tough group no doubt, but these sides are arguably the weakest relative to the competition to be expected at the World Cup. Can Iraq qualify from this group? Cast your votes below:

Will Iraq Qualify For The World Cup 2018?





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