Are you interested in Iraqi football? Do you want to share your work with thousands of readers? Get in touch now!

Dear reader,

Thank you for following and helping grow our platform over the last year. We wish you all a wonderful New Year and hope to see you continuing to enjoy our website in 2018.

Our New Year’s resolution is to continue growing – we’re currently experiencing a good number of hits on the website but nowhere near where we’d like it to be.

This platform has plenty of potential but we’re always looking to expand our team. We’re currently in need of the following:

  • Volunteer writers (even if it’s just one-off articles)
  • More readers actively sharing the site’s content on social media
  • A small team to help with social media content
  • Translators to help convert English content into Arabic
  • Regular suggestions to help improve the website, topics for discussion and general advice

Please contact us via email ( or leave a comment in the section below if you’re interested in working on our project.

God knows we don’t run this website for money. Well, you might ask why we put all our time, money and effort into this website. It’s simple- go onto Google and try finding solid information on Iraqi football in the early 2000s, or anything prior to that. Unfortunately there’s next to nothing available.

We don’t want the next generation of Iraqi football fans experiencing the same tragedy that we do. Help make a positive change for the community and continue building a platform that can catalogue our sport for future generations to refer to!

Best wishes and a happy New Year from the team at!


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