Ali Adnan Set To Leave Udinese

After a fairly impressive debut season in Seria A, reports are starting to emerge that Ali Adnan has been issued with an ultimatum by his club Udinese. The Iraqi international begun the season as a regular starter under previous manager Stefano Colantuono but has recently seen himself on the bench following the managerial appointment Luigi De Canio.

Trouble In Italy?

Rumour had it that Ali was unsettled in this current club after missing Udinese’s previous fixture as he was pictured attending a match in Iraq. However, have been quick to dismiss such rumours. Instead, it appears that the youngster had travelled home in order to settle personal arrangements, which would bring his family over to Italy to live alongside the footballer.

Ali Adnan Is The First Iraqi To Ever Score In Serie A

“Ali Adnan returned from abroad, where he handled procedures that would allow his family to join him in Italy. However, it is time for him to think about his future. His contract runs until 2020 and Udinese believe in him [to fulfil his potential] but are looking at the possibility of Ali going out on loan to gain experience. Meanwhile, he continues to learn Italian.

Ali Adnan has been gone for almost 2 weeks and return to Udine on Friday, where he attend training with his teammates. However, there is no mystery behind his recent disappearance. The Iraqi, with the permission of the club, travelled from Baghdad to Istanbul to compete all procedures that allow his family to join him in Italy.

The player is the first Iraqi to come to Serie A from Iraq. He has had a difficult year between language problems and adapting to the league. It was expected for him to make a jump in quality. The contract with Udinese is long-term. He has two prospects for next season: continue to compete for the fullback position with Armero (or Biraghi) or go out on loan to gain some experience by playing regular first team football.”


Translated by Hassanin Mubarak

Lazio - Udinese
Lazio’s Danilo Cataldi and Udinese’s Adnan Ali Battle For The Ball

The Iraqi has come on leaps and bounds from the youngster who started off his trade in the Iraqi league. We hope that he recaptures his form and wins back his starting position at Udinese. His performances against the likes of Juventus, Lazio and Roma have proven just how talented Ali Adnan is. Furthermore, it’s great to see the club maintain faith in the youngster regardless of the language barriers and difficulties he may be experiencing currently in Italy.


5 thoughts on “Ali Adnan Set To Leave Udinese

  1. To be frank, he is not quite fit to play as a left-back. Watching some matches of Udinese, Ali still had committed errors in covering opponents and caused some goals against his team.

    He has a very strong straight left foot and that is an good feature for the player. I think Ali needs more training to improve himself as a good left-back. I was imagining him why not putting him as a midfielder!


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