PODCAST – April 2016: Radhi Shenaishil Appointment & World Cup Qualifiers

Welcome to the first ever Iraq Football Podcast. We’re delighted to have SoccerIraq team up with IraqFootball to bring you this exclusive monthly podcast where we discuss the latest news and events shaping the future of Iraqi football. 

We have a packed show for you today, where we review the Iraq games against Thailand and Vietnam, examine Radhi Shenaishil’s appointment as head coach of the national team and discuss the retirement of Salam Shakir and Noor Sabri. We also clarify our stance on Younis Mahmoud and examine his current role in the squad. Finally, we look forward to World Cup Qualifications and Rio 2016, where we discuss Iraq’s chances of progression in both tournaments. 

Iraq vs. Thailand Review: 3:22

Iraq vs. Vietnam Review: 13.05

Retirement of Salam Shakir, Noor Sabri and Younis Mahmoud: 16:22

Radhi Shenaishil’s appointment: 19.40

World Cup Qualification’s group: 30.29

Rio 2016: 42.25

Quiz: 45.25

Q&A: 48.56

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Hassanane Balal


Twitter: @Nashat_Hassan

Instagram: @hassanane

Facebook: IraqFootball.me 



Laith Al Naeme


Twitter: @laithalnaeme / @SoccerIraq

Facebook: Soccer Iraq


2 thoughts on “PODCAST – April 2016: Radhi Shenaishil Appointment & World Cup Qualifiers

  1. Really enjoyed this and look forward to more collaborations between socceriraq and Iraqfootball. Iraq does produce some fantastic goalies.


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